Exercise to Improve Health

Health and illness are existential issues that touch and affect everyone. Health is created and experienced by people in their everyday environment.

Where they play, learn and work?

It comes from caring for oneself and others, from being able to make decisions and exercising control over one's circumstances, and from .

The society in which one lives creating conditions that are conducive to all enables people to be healthy

The changing living, working and leisure conditions have a decisive influence on health.

  • The way in which a society organizes work, working conditions and 
  • Leisure time should primarily be a source of health and not disease. 
  • Since life with an acute or chronic illness is characterized by 
  • Functional limitations and personal suffering, health often has a very high priority in the value hierarchy of the individual. 

Living in good health is one of the accepted goals. Efforts to maintain and restore health are made by individuals, families, institutions, and society.

 Health aspects flow more or less consciously into.

  • A large number of decisions on a personal, social and political level.
  • Never before has the topic of health been as present in public discussion as it is today.

Never before has it been the subject of political controversy to such an extent given the limited financial capacity of the healthcare system.

Health no longer seems to be a human heritage that lasts a lifetime. 

As a result, you have to do a lot for your health today, and this requires not only.

The willingness to do so, but also appropriate knowledge about it.

Should one therefore be interested in and possibly get involved in health promotion in the workplace.

Which for many people is, to a certain extent, another focal point of 

Their lives alongside their family?

 Isn't the high standard of occupational medicine, occupational health and safety and occupational safety enough? 

Are managers also (jointly) responsible for the highest personal good “health” of their employees?

Does this broad trend movement have any consequences for day-to-day operations?

Entrepreneurial action must be relevant to health in all areas, because depending on which sources of stress arise for employees or are reduced and depending on 

Which resources are made available or turned off by the company, entrepreneurial action can have health-impairing or health-promoting effects. [4]

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