Mushrooms, properties and benefits

Mushrooms they can be found at any time of year. They are consumed all over the world, in addition to being rich in taste , they are versatile in the kitchen and their nutritional properties make them a very valuable food.

penis envy mushrooms
penis envy mushrooms

We can include them in our diet without any remorse because they provide very few calories . We will tell you below the properties and benefits that these small mushrooms bring to us.

The mushroom can be found in any supermarket or market we have near home, it is a widely consumed product all over the world. There are a thousand preparations that take it and leave a good taste.

Its market price is not very high , compared to a variety of seasonal wild mushrooms that are more scarce. Although we should say that the same way, they are very healthy for our body.

Benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms are mushrooms that are rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrition, we will see this below. But first we want to highlight its amazing benefits.

  • Provides a large amount of minerals.
  • From easy digestion.
  • They resist the action of free radicals on the skin.
  • child cleaning.
  • They satiate the appetite and have fewer calories
  • Avoid migraines
  • They control the body’s blood levels.
  • They take care of the health of our liver, it prefers the liver to work.
  • They can inhibit the production and growth of cancer cells.
  • They take care of our eye health.
  • Thanks to its content in folic acid.
  • Improve the body’s hierro levels so it is important to all those suffering anemia.
  • They strengthen the nervous system
  • They maintain the good health of our nails, hair and skin.
  • They fight obesity In other words, they are an ideal food to consume without endangering our diet.

Nutritional properties of mushrooms

It’s in its nutritional values, the biological values ​​that we need to see to really know what we’re consuming when we eat a delicious plate of mushrooms.

They are rich in certain components and ingredients that provide a lot of health, pay attention.

  • They have a high percentage of protein.
  • They contain all the essential amino acids the body needs.
  • They are rich in tracking elements.
  • Minerals such as iron, phosphorus or potassium.
  • Among the vitamins we emphasize complex B and C. Provitamin A , vitamins D and E.
  • They also contribute fiber , ideal for maintaining a good digestive system.
  • They have an antioxidant and diuretic action.
  • They contain close to 95% water.
  • For 100 grams of product we are given around 30 calories in penis envy mushrooms
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