Mushroom and chicken soup

Fresh champignon soup can be diversified by adding chicken fillet. Such a dish also turns out to be very tasty and, moreover, more enjoyable due to the use of meat.

 For cooking, we buy the simplest products: chicken fillet (580 g), mushrooms (430 g), carrots, onions, black pepper, a little salt, small vermicelli (4 tablespoons) and tomato paste.

It is not difficult to prepare a classic mushroom soup. To start, we wash the chicken fillet, cut it into pieces, fill it with cold water and bring to a boil. Next, cook it for about forty minutes how to buy shrooms online.

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Mushrooms are cleaned, washed and cut into thin slices. We also chopped carrots and onions. We take the meat from the pan and transfer it to another dish. 

Put the vegetables in the broth and cook until tender. The onion should be tender. The cooking process takes about twenty minutes. 

Next, you can add tomato paste and fillet pieces. Boil the soup for another five minutes, then add the vermicelli and after .

A few minutes turn off the heat, not forgetting to salt and pepper the dish. Before serving the soup to the table, it is better to let it cook a bit.

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