Features of nutrition for weight loss

The danger of excess weight is that it is gained gradually. If we got up in the morning and saw +20 kg in the mirror, measures would be taken instantly. But kilograms appear a little bit, volumes grow slowly, habitual clothes sit a little tighter, is this a reason to change the diet and limit yourself? 

If you read the stories of those who are losing weight, almost everyone says that they did not pay attention to + 1-2-5 kg, and then they found that shortness of breath, joint pain appeared, and things can only be found in large stores.

To achieve a stable weight loss, you need to completely change the diet, create a calorie deficit, remove fast carbohydrates, balance the KBJU menu, eat only healthy foods.

Immediately about fashionable express diets. A sharp reduction in calories, fasting give a drop of up to 2-3 kg per day, but, firstly, it leaves water, and secondly, as soon as you return to your usual food, all kilograms will return. To defeat excess weight, you will have to break the whole way of life.

There is no problem in compiling a new menu to start the process of losing weight. The question is: how to deal with yourself?

Top 3 reasons to quit diets:

  1. It is necessary to carefully choose products, read the composition.
  2. You have to count calories.
  3. It takes more time to cook.

Indeed, if usually, when you were hungry, you could have a bite of buns from the bakery on the way or run into McDonald's, now you have to take lunch containers with you, cook three or four healthy meals every day for yourself and for the rest of the family. 

To lose weight, you need to strictly follow the schedule of food intake. Inconveniences and restrictions make you quickly lose motivation - proper nutrition seems too complicated, expensive, and in general ... lived without it, there is nothing to start.

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